Reflections and insights following an injury

While traveling a few months ago, I inadvertently took hold of a just heated hot drink mug.  And then I quickly put it down again.  I felt like shouting out in pain because the burning sensation on my fingers was so extreme.  Being bedtime, my plan had been to read a bit before turning out the light.  Now that plan changed.  I immediately and quietly prayed.  My prayer was twofold.  It affirmed my unchanged spiritual identity in God’s eyes and also included a protest.

The sweet fragrance of hundreds of white lilies outside my open window reminded me that I could expect and be assured of Christ’s healing presence here and now.  I have studied Jesus’ life through the New Testament and I wanted to follow the path he provided for us all.  In every untoward situation he faced, he was able to see, feel and experience God’s power of divine Spirit over material circumstance.  Another book that I study for my emotional, physical and spiritual health is titled Science and health with Key to the Scriptures. Its author, Mary Baker Eddy includes a ‘scientific statement of being’ on page 468 that reads in part, “There is no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter.  All is infinite Mind [God] and its infinite manifestation.”   To me, on this night, these words meant that my finger, the actual skin and bones below my wrist couldn’t take away the attention I wanted to give Spirit or God and His divine power.  I couldn’t be made, even for a moment, to ignore or be distracted from the first commandment transcribed by Moses, to have ‘no other gods before me’.  Reasoning in this way I saw that since God was the ONLY power, no evidence or reason to believe that God is less than eternal Love, divine Mind could derail my summer.

The main message of the scriptures is that God is good.  My trust and willingness to accept in consciousness that Spirit, God has all power, therefore matter has none was my springboard for leaving it in God’s hands and resting normally that night.  Over the next week or so I changed a small bandage as necessary, but after that I saw totally new, smooth skin where the wound had been.  Looking back, I see this physical ‘replacement’ as an opportunity to uphold the divine fact that I’ve never been ‘burned’ in the broader sense.  I haven’t ever been a victim of my own or another’s mistakes.  Rather this memorable healing allows me to recognize the gift of God’s care and tender upholding.   A hymn written by Robert Lowry puts it this way: ‘My life flows on in endless song …how can I keep from singing?

Fayetteville, AR

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