FAQs on Christian Science

Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Science

These questions and answers help to clarify this healing science and clear up misconceptions about Christian Science. It is not faith healing nor Scientology.   Christian Science is a universal system of spiritual healing which anyone can practice whether he or she is religiously affiliated or not. It is the divine Comforter promised by Jesus that comes to us where we are, reveals to us our immortal selfhood at-one with God, and takes away mortal suffering.   There is a church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and branch churches all over the world whose members practice Christian Science, but Christian Science itself is a teaching accessible to all earnest seekers of Truth.  It is the law of God, the law of good.


1.  Q.  Is Christian Science the same as faith healing?
A.  No.  Christian Science healing and faith healing are poles apart.   Faith healers accept that whatever happens is God’s will — even disaster or death.   This is the opposite of Christian Science, where we learn that God wants and provides only what is good — life, health, happiness.  God is Love, and we are His cherished children.  Disaster and death could never be part of His plan for us.   Faith healing allows for a blind faith, that is, faith without understanding.  This is not true in Christian Science at all.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  Christian Science teaches that healing results from an increased understanding of God.  Christian Science must be understood to be practiced and to be proved.  We can only prove what we understand.  Christian Science is not blind faith.  It is knowing the truth about God and man (in our spiritual identity) with wisdom and conviction.   Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  (John 8:32)

2.  Q.  Is Christian Science the same as Scientology?
A.  No, there is no connection whatsoever.  Christian Science was discovered in 1866 by Mary Baker Eddy and is based on the Bible and a love of God.  The teachings and ministry of Jesus Christ are vital to Christian Science.    There is no relationship to Scientology which has neither Christian nor Biblical roots.

3.  Q.  Is Christian Science really Christian?
A.  Yes.  It is firmly based on the Bible and the teachings and works of Christ Jesus.

4.  Q. You’re the people who don’t believe in doctors, right? 
A.  We believe in doctors, who as a whole, are highly-skilled caring professionals working hard to relieve human suffering.  We may seldom use their services because we first turn to God in prayer and find quick, reliable, healing results.  We believe that God who is Love, is truly Almighty, the one and only power, as the Bible says.  He does not share His power with anyone or anything.  So, things such as:  disease, injury, heredity, contagion, malfunction, deformity, age, deterioration, etc. are seen as counterfeit powers.  These are powerless to harm God’s loved spiritual children — you and me and everyone.  God’s children, made in His image (Gen 1: 26) are unique, spiritual ideas in God, who is divine Mind.  A spiritual idea in Mind cannot be affected by such counterfeit powers.  In Christian Science, the body is seen as thought manifested.  As we pray and align our thoughts with the Biblical law of God’s all power, the physical body conforms to divine reality — health and wholeness.  We prove this every day around the world.

5.  Q.  Who was Mary Baker Eddy?
A.  Mrs. Eddy was a very spiritually-minded woman and Bible student.  She was born in 1821 in New Hampshire.  In February, 1866, she took a severe fall on an icy sidewalk.  A doctor attended her and offered little hope because of internal injuries.  Her Pastor visited her — not to offer healing — but to say good bye to a faithful member of his congregation.  Friends and flowers were there in condolence.  Hope was at low ebb.  And then Mrs. Eddy asked for her Bible.  She read.  She glimpsed something of the truth of existence and she arose  — completely healed.   She writes of her healing “That short experience included a glimpse of the great fact that I have since tried to make plain to others, namely, Life in and of Spirit; this Life being the sole reality of existence.” (Miscellaneous Writings 24:14-18).   By studying her Bible, she discovered the Biblical laws by which Jesus and his disciples healed.  She named her discovery Christian Science.  In 1875 she published the first edition of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the textbook of Christian Science.   We do not worship her.  We do not pray to her.   She passed on in 1910.  We make no attempt to communicate with her, but we study her writings along with the Holy Bible.

Photo courtesy of Mary Baker Eddy Library, Boston, MA.   The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, MA, is open to the public and provides many avenues for further research.

6.  Q.  What is Mary Baker Eddy’s role in Christian Science?
A:  Mary Baker Eddy is the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, and the author of the textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  Although we are extremely grateful to Mrs. Eddy for her discovery, she is not deified nor worshiped in any way.  More on Mary Baker Eddy.

7.  Q.  Does the textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures take the place of the Bible?
A.  No.  Both are studied daily by Christian Scientists around the world and are used in Christian Science church services.  Nothing can take the place of the Bible.

8.  Q.  Do you have your own Christian Science Bible?  Holy Bible shop
A.   No.  In our Sunday church services and in our weekly Bible Lessons, we use mainly the King James Version of the Bible.  Mary Baker Eddy quotes from or alludes to the King James Version on nearly every page of her writings.  However, for personal, individual Bible study, Christian Scientists use many different Bible translations.  In the Fayetteville branch church, various translations are sometimes used for our mid-week testimony meetings.

9.  Q.  Why is the word “Science” used to describe your religion?
A.  Because it can be demonstrated, proved, tested.  It has rules and laws, just like mathematics or music or physics.  Christian Science is based on Biblical laws of healing.  When these laws are understood and applied, healing happens!  These are the same laws that Jesus and his followers put into practice 2,000 years ago.  Christian Science has a remarkable proven record of healing since it was discovered in 1866.   More than 200,000 verified healings are documented.   Published healings are available for you to read in any Christian Science Reading Room or by clicking here.   You can prove for yourself the science of Christian love.

10.  Q. Is it true that Christian Science is a cult?
A. No. This is a Christian religion based on the Biblical teachings and practices of Jesus Christ.   It is neither dangerous nor magical.
– We are followers of Christ Jesus.  He is the Son of God, our Savior, our Lord and Master.     We look to Jesus as our example for his healing methods as described in the Bible.
– Our teachings, Bible study and church services are based on the King James Version of the Bible.   Our first tenet is:  “As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life.”
– Our teachings are publicly available on-line and in nearly every library and bookstore in the USA, and in many countries throughout the world.  There’s no mystery, no secret doctrine, no magic, nothing hidden.   Our teachings are read aloud on-line on a continuous loop;  listen to our textbook Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy on-line.
– Our members live in the community as your friends, neighbors, and co-workers, — not hidden away from society.
– We pray to God, as all Christians do, not to any charismatic mortal leader.   We pray The Lord’s Prayer daily and at every church service.
– We do not pressure people to join our church.  We don’t proselytize.  We don’t try to convert anyone; there is no method or process of conversion.
– We do not pressure members to contribute financially.  Giving is strictly a personal choice.
– All of our church services are open to the public and our church is on an accessible, busy street — Rolling Hills Drive. It’s not secluded from the world.
– We don’t restrict our members in any way. We make no attempt to brainwash or hypnotize anyone.  We do not mandate what type of health care members may use.  There is no touching involved in Christian Science treatment.

11.  Q.  What is your doctrine?
A.  “This is the doctrine of Christian Science: that divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation, or object; that joy cannot be turned into sorrow, for sorrow is not the master of joy; that good can never produce evil; that matter can never produce mind nor life result in death.  The perfect man — governed by God, his perfect Principle — is sinless and eternal.” Mary Baker Eddy.   Also by Mary Baker Eddy, the religious Tenets of Christian Science are as follows:
1.  As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life.
2. We acknowledge and adore one supreme and infinite God.  We acknowledge His Son, one Christ; the Holy Ghost or divine Comforter; and man in God’s image and likeness.
3. We acknowledge God’s forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal.  But the belief in sin is punished so long as the belief lasts.
4. We acknowledge Jesus’ atonement as the evidence of divine, efficacious Love, unfolding man’s unity with God through Christ Jesus the Way-Shower; and we acknowledge that man is saved through Christ, through Truth, Life, and Love as demonstrated by the Galilean Prophet in healing the sick and overcoming sin and death.
5. We acknowledge that the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection served to uplift faith to understand eternal Life, even the allness of Soul, Spirit, and the nothingness of matter.
6. And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure.

12.  Q.  What is Jesus’ place in Christian Science?
A.  Jesus is the Son of God, Way-Shower, Savior, Lord and Master.  We see Jesus not as God in a human form, but he embodied the Christ, or Divine nature of a spiritual, Father-Mother God.

13.  Q. Why don’t Christian Scientists practice baptism?
A.  We do practice baptism — as an on-going process, rather than a one-time event.   We practice baptism by studying the Word of God daily to purify our thoughts and by striving to live our lives in concert with spiritual cleansing from sin.   Baptism or purification of thought is key to healing, so baptism is vitally important to this Science of Mind healing.  People practice baptism — purification — in many ways.   Immersion in water and the sprinkling of water are symbols of inner purification.  The Christian Science method of baptism focuses on the meaning behind the Christian symbol and on active changes in thinking rather than the outward use of water for cleansing.

14.   Do Christian Scientists celebrate Christmas?
A.   Yes, we celebrate the coming of the Christ to humanity every day because it’s too significant an event for just one day or one annual season.   Our focus at Christmastime is on the Christ, God’s anointed.

15.  Do Christian Scientists believe in the Virgin Birth?
A.  Yes.

16.  Q.  Do Christian Scientists believe in the resurrection of Christ Jesus?
A.  Yes.

17.  Q.   Do Christian Scientists believe in reincarnation?
A.    No.

18.  Q.  Do Christian Scientists believe in a heaven and hell?
A.  To us, heaven and hell are states of thought, not places.  Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)  No one is destined to spend eternity suffering in hell.

19.  Q: Do Christian Scientists believe in the Holy Trinity — the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
A: Yes, this relationship is central to the theology of Christian Science.   The relationships between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are very important to us.   Without a Son, there would be no Father, and without the Holy Spirit, there would be no action, i.e., no Christian healing movement.   We find both divinity and humanity in Jesus and accept Jesus as the Son of God.

20.  Q.  Is it true that Christian Scientists don’t go to doctors?
A.  Christian Scientists appreciate and respect the dedication that most medical professionals have towards improving the lives of their fellow man.  Most students of Christian Science choose God as their first resort for healing, rather than as a last resort, because they’ve found that scientific treatment for spiritual healing brings reliable results.   Good health is a natural outcome of spiritual growth, and students of Christian Science are continually seeking spiritual growth.  They tend to seek the services of a doctor infrequently because they get quick healing results from Christian Science treatment.  Because Christian Science is both curative and preventive, they tend not to be sick very often.

21.  Q.  Is a Christian Scientist allowed to go to a doctor?
A.  A Christian Scientist may choose any method of treatment that he or she wants.  There is no condemnation to anyone who might choose to consult a medical doctor, have a medical procedure, or take medication.   No permission is needed from any church authority to seek medical treatment.  No method even exists for requesting or granting such permission.

22.  Q.  What is Christian Science treatment?
A.  Christian Science treatment is a focused form of prayer for the purpose of bringing about a corrective action in a person’s experience.  Treatment can be used to effect physical healing, address financial lack, handle employment-related  issues, resolve difficult interpersonal relationships, and more.  You can ask any student of Christian Science for treatment, or seek out a full-time Christian Science practitioner.

23.  Q.  What is prayer?
A.  “True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection.  Prayer is the utilization of the love wherewith He loves us.”   (Mary Baker Eddy in No and Yes, page 39)  The entire first chapter of our textbook is on prayer.  You can read it for yourself here.

24.  Q.  Does Christian Science involve ‘laying on of hands’?
A.  No, there is no physical touching with Christian Science treatment. The practitioner and patient don’t have to be in the same room or even in the same country for treatment or for healing.  Today, more than in Jesus’ day, ‘absent treatment’ is customary.   Jesus used this method when he healed the Centurion’s paralyzed son. (See Matt 8: 5-13 or Luke 7: 1-10.) Often a patient engages a practitioner by phone or e-mail, and the two may never even meet in person.  Because the problem is mental (whether it involves disease, bodily injury, unemployment, finances, a discordant marriage, whatever), the healing solution involves a change of thought.

25.  Q. Why don’t Christian Scientists combine Christian Science treatment with medical treatment?
A. Some do try, but Christian Science treatment is based on a different premise than medical treatment, so they don’t work well together.   Medical treatment is based on the premise that life is in the physical body, and subject to physical conditions like deformity, age, accident, disease, malfunction.  Christian Science treatment (prayer) is based on the premise that man is a spiritual idea in divine Mind (a Biblically-derived name for God), whose life is eternal as an image of God, and subject to God’s perfection and loving care. Combining the two types of treatment would be as unethical as seeing two doctors at the same time who recommend different types of treatment.  We follow Jesus.  He didn’t use or recommend the medicines of his day.

“The belief that life and sensation are in the body should be overcome by the understanding of what constitutes man as the image of God.  Then Spirit will have overcome the flesh.”   Mary Baker Eddy

26.  Q.  What does a Christian Science practitioner do?
A.  A Christian Science Practitioner witnesses to the good that God is and is doing and specifically treats all forms of sickness and sin through scientific  prayer. A practitioner offers neither alternative health care, nor psychology, nor life-coaching, nor wise healing insights, nor a channel for God’s goodness, but heals through prayer that affirms God’s goodness and supremacy.

A Christian Science practitioner is a self-employed experienced student of Christian Science who maintains a full-time professional practice helping others through prayer. The Christian Science Journal (which is available at any Christian Science Reading Room and on line) includes a directory of practitioners located around the world.   Fees vary, but are usually quite reasonable.  Often Christian Science practitioners charge less than other health professionals.

27.  Q.  How do I locate a Christian Science practitioner?
A.  Visit, call, or e-mail any Christian Science Reading Room.  The staff there will be able to give you names of practitioners in your area, or you may look in The Christian Science Journal for a complete listing using their on-line directory of practitioners.  Some practitioners also advertise in their local telephone directory under “Christian Science”.

28.  Q.  How can praying change a sick body into a healthy body?
A.  If prayer is just a repetition of memorized words, that might not result in healing.  What’s needed is a sincere change of thinking.  Prayer purifies our thinking, and this change in our thinking has effect on our body because the body is a mental construct.  “Disease is an image of thought externalized.”  (Science & Health page 411)  Sickness or disease is like a dream.   Healing occurs when the patient is awakened from the dream to the spiritual reality that God made His children in His image as spiritual ideas.   God made man (and woman) in His image — whole, perfect and healthy, now and always.  When one’s thinking is purified and aligned with this perfect creation, the body corresponds to this perfection and the result is seen on the body as a healing effect.  In absolute truth, sickness is unreal, that is, not God-created and not sanctioned by God’s law.  Prayer doesn’t change something undesirable into something more desired; instead, prayer brings our thinking into harmony with the already-established divine outcome of health.  Read more.

29.  Q.  Can anyone be healed in Christian Science?
A.   Yes,  as Mary Baker Eddy says, ” Some individuals assimilate truth more readily than others, but any student, who adheres to the divine rules of Christian Science and imbibes the spirit of Christ, can demonstrate Christian Science, cast out error, heal the sick, and add continually to his store of spiritual understanding, potency, enlightenment, and success.”

30.  Q.  What is a Christian Science Reading Room?
A.  A Reading Room is a bookstore, reference library, a peaceful study area open to the public, a research center for exploring and proving spiritual healing .  Our walk-in Reading Room is located in our church building (1755 Rolling Hills Drive, Fayetteville, Arkansas) and is open before and after each Sunday morning church service and Wednesday evening testimony meeting.  It is also open on Wednesdays, Thursdays from 2:00-4:00 pm.  Here also you can buy Christian Science literature, inspirational CDs, Bibles, Bible reference books, etc.

Click here for more information.  Or you may e-mail our Reading Room staff at info@practicalprayer.org 

31.  Q. Who is your Pastor?
A.  Meet our Pastor here.

32.  Q.  What are your  Sunday church services like?
A.  Like many churches, we sing hymns, pray to God the Lord’s Prayer, hear a sermon and enjoy inspiring music.  We listen to a Bible Lesson Sermon read aloud which students of Christian Science study during the previous week.   Christian Scientists all over the world also hear the same Bible Lesson Sermon read in their church.    A collection is taken, but whether to give or not and how much to give is up to each individual — no pressure.  The service closes with prayers and a benediction.  We don’t single out individual guests.

Come and see for yourself any Sunday at 10:30 AM at 1755 Rolling Hills Drive, Fayetteville.   Sunday School for kids up to age 20 is held at the same time.  Children too young for Sunday School are cared for in our Children’s Room.  All are welcome.

33.  Q.  Do Christian Science Practitioners really heal the sick?
A.   God is always the healer.  As Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health page 275, line 31, “Truth (a Biblical name for God) spiritually discerned, is scientifically understood.  It casts out error and heals the sick.”   Christian Science Practitioners help each of their patients/clients to turn to God and understand more clearly God’s perfect creation which is already whole and healthy.

34.  Q.  Are members of your church required or pressured to contribute financially?
A.  No, not at all.  There is no pledge system nor any type of assigned giving.  Giving is voluntary and confidential.  It is common for members and others to give voluntarily out of gratitude for healings and blessings, and out of a desire to support this healing movement, but it is strictly a personal choice.  A collection is taken only on Sundays, not at Wednesday evening meetings.  No collection is taken at our Thanksgiving service on Thanksgiving day.

35.  Q.  Where is your church and when are your services?
A.  Our church is located at 1755 Rolling Hills Drive in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Sunday Service & Sunday School — 10:30am    Wednesday evening — 7:00pm  (more )

Visitors are welcome at every one of our services!  A directory of Christian Science churches in other cities throughout the United States and throughout the world can be found in The Christian Science Journal or in this online directory.

36.  Q.  What activities do you have for young people?
A.  Young people from age 3 through 19 are welcome in our Christian Science Sunday School.  There they are taught Bible stories and lessons they can apply in their lives today, including the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the loving nature of God, and the teachings and healings of Jesus.   Enjoy fresh voices here.  Also Teen Connect can be reached by clicking here.  Check out attending Summits (explore the big questions on your mind with others),  taking part in college and university organizations worldwide, making friends and expanding your thinking, sharpening your skills via an internship.   Camps offer fun, games, sporting activities for kids and families.

37.  Q.  Must one join your church to be a student of Christian Science?
A.  Not at all.  Everyone is on a unique spiritual journey.  People of many religious affiliations–or no affiliation–apply the ideas found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures to their lives and get wonderful results.  There is no formal conversion process, and we don’t attempt to convert anyone.   Jesus didn’t require membership in a particular church, and neither do we!   To be a Christian Scientist, read Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, and put the ideas into practice.  The last 100 pages of this book are accounts by people who were healed just by reading the book.

38.  Q.  Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
A.  Yes.  Annually, each Christian Science church (in the USA, Canada, and wherever Thanksgiving is a national holiday) holds a special church service on Thanksgiving Day.  The Bible Lesson sermon that day is about gratitude, and those attending are invited to share their gratitude aloud.  Giving thanks is so important to us that every midweek meeting all year long at Christian Science churches and societies throughout the world includes time for the sharing of gratitude by those in the congregation. They tell of healings through prayer and of proofs of God’s care.   All services are open to the public.

39.  Q. Is it true that Christian Scientists believe that sickness is not real, is just an illusion?
A. True. Sickness is a false claim against man. Health is man’s God-given right. “If sickness is real, it belongs to immortality; if true, it is a part of Truth. Would you attempt with drugs, or without, to destroy a quality or condition of Truth? But if sickness and sin are illusions, the awakening from this mortal dream, or illusion, will bring us into health, holiness, and immortality. This awakening is the forever coming of Christ, the advanced appearing of Truth, which casts out error and heals the sick. This is the salvation which comes through God, the divine Principle, Love, as demonstrated by Jesus.” Mary Baker Eddy

40. Q. So, what if you broke a bone?
A.   People often ask this question — maybe because they think bones would be more difficult to heal than disease?   The following are personal real-life stories of spiritual healings of broken bones.  They were published in the Christian Science Sentinel (S) or in The Christian Science Journal (J).  “[The Lord] keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.” ( Psalms 34:20). You can go to your local Christian Science Reading Room and look them up for yourself to read the entire account of each one.

Here’s an overview of some of the articles:

“Broken vertebrae healed, …” (May, 2016, Journal)
The impact of a car accident knocked me unconscious.  When I awoke, I prayed to understand the spiritual truth behind statements I had been studying in Christian Science.  I was able to get out of the car on my own and an ambulance was not called.    Six weeks later my insurance adjuster asked me to have a complete physical before signing a release of liability for the financial settlement I was to receive from the accident.  The X-rays showed that my neck vertebrae had been broken, but had knit back together and the muscles had healed as well.

“Batter up!” (February 1, 2016, Sentinel)
At a Little League ball game, the pitcher threw the ball and it hit my index finger.   According to the doctors who X-rayed my finger, not only was it broken, but they said it would require surgery to wire it back together again because of the severity of the break.   My mom and I prayed and called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me.  Two days later, I went to the orthopedic surgeon for my appointment, and he took another set of X-rays, which showed that my finger had already begun to heal.   I wore a splint for three weeks and I had full use of my finger in just a few days after that.

“Two Powerful Healings” by Annette Souvenir (2016, April Journal)
X-rays showed both knees shattered and I was told I would probably not walk again.   I chose to go to a Christian Science nursing facility and enlisted a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me, to give me Christian Science treatment.  Healing came, and on a recent family vacation I walked over a mile.

“Prayer heals growth, injured foot”  by Gary Drescher (2016, April Journal)
I slipped on the stairs in the morning.  That evening after deep prayer about man’s true status, the bones on the tops of my feet, which had seemed out of alignment and were painful, readjusted to their normal position without any manipulation on my part.  There was no further pain, and a month later I was hiking in the Alps an walking daily on a five-week trip in Europe.

“A spiritual idea can’t be ‘deformed'” by Eleanor Wrobel (July 13, 2015 Sentinel)
When I took the puppy to the vet to have some legally-required inoculations, she ran her hands up and down his legs and stated that my puppy’s knee joints were out of alignment.  I knew this little dog was not made up of bones or joints that could be misaligned or deformed, but that he was actually spiritually “fitly framed together” (Ephesians 2:21) supported and upheld by God.  My son visited a week later and was surprised to find my puppy’s legs were straight.

“Of Stones and Bones,”  by Biff (2014, June 2 Sentinel)
Broken hand healed in days.

“Broken Bones – Healed,” by Derek Trevor-Roberts (2008, J-126/12-35)
Within ten days, Derek was healed of broken ribs and shoulder, as determined by an emergency-room x-ray, “with total movement of all body parts.” He concludes, “And in nine short weeks, I ran a 25K road race. Isn’t God great!’

“Broken Bones – Healed,” by Mollie Osborn (2008 J-126/2-30)
Mollie reports the healing of her son, Lyon, whose arm and collarbone were broken. His arm healed within 4 days—“the bone in his arm had just gone back in place…The arm was completely healed.” A few weeks later, after more prayer, her son’s collarbone was healed as well while on a hiking and camping trip.  Lyon wrestled on the varsity wrestling team the following year and in the years since “has had no problems with his arm or shoulder.” (Side note…Lyon wrote that part of his inspiration was that he had already seen Christian Science work when his mom rapidly recovered from a broken back.)

“Broken Bones healed through prayer” by Beverly Maw (2001 S-103/36-25)
Beverly reports that her ankle, which x-rays showed to be broken in two places, was healed through prayer even though an orthopedist had diagnosed that she would need surgery.  She concludes, “I have been completely free since this healing; I hike and play golf regularly. To me, this shows God’s law of perfection in operation.”

“Broken Pelvic Bone-Healed” by Patricia Duke (2006, J-124/11-32)
Two weeks after an emergency room x-ray, Patricia was able to go through a Christian Science nursing training, experienced a full and complete healing, and now nine years later is still jogging at least a mile every day.

“Quick Healing of Broken Pelvic Bone” by Suzanne Lovins (2005, S-107/49-25)
Suzanne concludes her report with these words, “So three days after I had been in the emergency room [and gotten x-rays showing a broken pelvis], I was in another state taking care of someone else—entirely free and walking normally.  I was healed and whole—the way God made me.  Nothing could stop that.”

“A son’s broken bone healed through prayer” by Marilyn Lewitz (2004 S-106/25-26)
Despite x-rays of a broken foot and a diagnosis that her son, Jeff, would be on crutches for six weeks, Marilyn’s son was completely healed within four days of his hospital visit.  Jeff went on to play sports in high school with complete freedom.”

“Broken Foot Healed,”  by Molly Nash Larson (2014 J-116/4-18)
The x-ray showed three broken bones in her foot that physicians said would require surgery.  The doctors released Molly with her foot in a rigid boot.  Within two weeks, having Christian Science treatment only, she could walk normally without pain or limitation.

“Daughter’s Foot Healed” by Eric Bashor (2015 J-133/05-35)
School Nurse called mom to report daughter’s broken foot after playing at recess.  Girl treated by Christian Science Nurse at Christian Science nursing facility and by Christian Science Practitioner.  Four days later, crutches no longer needed.  School Nurse confirmed healing.

X-Ray showed several broken ribs (2015 J-133/06-32)
While walking her dog in the San Jacinto Mountains in California, her dog took off after a coyote and she was knocked to the ground and became unconscious.  Family members insisted that x-rays be taken, which they were, but the medical technical was told she wished to rely on Christian Science for healing.   Through Christian Science treatment, she was able to move freely without pain a few days later.