God cares for a family on many occasions

For many years God has directed our family’s path. Our proofs of God’s law operating in our lives are not ours alone. They are meant to be given as a testimony, to help others see that in trusting God and waiting on the Lord, He will direct our steps and supply all of our needs, but most of all, they are meant to help remind us perpetually of God’s care.

Our family has been challenged constantly for more than 25 years. In all that time, God has proven over and over again, that He is in control.    Each challenge is a reminder to remain focused on God and to listen for that ‘still small voice’ (I Kings 19: 12) and the directions He is giving us.

At one time, we lived in a state where the school would report parents as abusive to their children if they didn’t do what the school dictated. We have and will always obey the law. Through the years, I have found Christian Science to be a reliable and safe method of care.

I found a family doctor at my husband’s request. The doctor was not familiar with Christian Science treatment. He rarely saw us and it usually was at the request of the school.

When I accidentally ran over our son’s foot with the car on a Friday I called a Christian Science Practitioner to help us.  A Practitioner is someone available 24/7 to give Christian Science treatment, which is a focused type of prayer. On Monday, I took my son to the doctor, who x-rayed the foot. After he viewed the x-rays, he told me nothing was broken and to let our son walk on it as he wanted to.

We have had numerous proofs of God’s care with weather as well. One time, in the spring of 2001,  during a very large storm, the radio reported a tornado headed straight for our small town ( pop. 400).  As I prayed, knowing that God, infinite Love, was in control and caring for all of us, I took the necessary steps of taking the kids to the cellar. There were many, many reports of funnel clouds and tornadoes happening during that storm. As each one was announced, on the radio, I would give it a Christian Science treatment.

When a tornado gets too close, the suction of the high winds causes things to happen, like the rain to start moving up the windows instead of running down the windows. When that started to happen, I shut the trap door to the cellar and continued to pray. Within 2 to 5 minutes, there was no sound outside except the rain dripping off the eaves of the house. I continued to pray as announcements of tornadoes and funnel clouds were made for about 15 minutes more before I opened the door and went up stairs. The rain had stopped. The sky was blue with puffy white clouds. The storm was over.

A few days later, I ran into a neighbor, and asked him whatever happened to the tornado. He told me he stood on his front porch and watched it.  It stopped about a mile outside of town, made a 90° turn, went about a mile, made another 90° turn and went up through a corn field. God’s love had kept us all safe.

Last Fall in October, our income was cut by approximately half. We have had many proofs of God’s infinite supply since then.  I prayed about our need for gas, for my husband to get back and forth to work and to get kids to and from summer camp. I went out to the back pasture and found a large quantity of wild blackberries. I used broken things from around the house to make a sign, which I put out front by the road, advertising our blackberries.

I went out to the fields with my husband and a number of our kids, to pick the berries. I kept telling my children that God would provide so they could get to camp. We were able to pick and sell enough berries, to cover the needs for gas at that time.   God has and is and will, bless all of us.

 Peace be still. “….be still and know that I am God.”   Psalms 46:10

Anderson, MO


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