Holy Bible shopPrayer that brings God’s divine love to bear in our lives today is strong and enduring and is truly practical prayer, just as in Jesus’ day.  It wipes out fear and it heals disease and pain.  See Compassion of Jesus.  Christian Science presents God’s healthcare plan for you and all His children.  These are the same laws of love that Jesus taught to his followers on the hills of Galilee and in fishing villages in Judea — the same laws of healing practiced for about 300 years in the Early Christian Church.   How is it practical?  Truly practical prayer can be put into effect anywhere and anytime and yields reliable results.    How does it work?  How does prayer heal?  Read more.


“I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord;”  so says the prophet Jeremiah, chapter 30, verse 17.

Below are a few healing accounts told first-hand by people from northwest Arkansas.   This is just a tiny sample of the many many ways that scientific prayer has blessed people through Christian Science.   The Biblical truths are operating worldwide today to bring about physical healing of terminal diseases, broken bones, colds and flu.   These Biblical truths inspire fresh solutions to business issues, community and national challenges, bring release to those who are struggling with poverty, unemployment, addiction, or homelessness and bless us repeatedly.

For hundreds more, click here.    Tens of thousands of personaBible reader 2l accounts of spiritual healing have been published.   They are all available to read in our walk-in Reading Room at 1755 Rolling Hills Drive in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The Reading Room is open to the public before and after each church service on Sunday morning at 10:30 and before and after each Wednesday evening Testimony meeting at 7:00.  Come on in.  Read or talk with an attendant.