A Prayer for the Community

Embrace each person in the community:
Infants, littlest tots , school kids, teens, parents and grandparents
Drivers and pedestrians
Town and business leaders
Mall walkers and Mall workers
At home, at work, in jail cells, in shelters, in backyards and boardrooms and alleys
All denominations or no denomination
Sports fans and bookworms

Hold them all in thought – all blessed and at the point of growth, inspiration, healing, receiving all good from God.
There is no limit to the number of ways that Truth and Love can be thought of or expressed. So there is no limit to church, the structure of Truth and Love. No limits to finding opportunities to share truth, in ways to bless our community and include all in our thought and events. All are responsive to the Christ…

Pray for refugees – those who are without a home by war, flood, forest fire, etc.
May they find a deeper, more permanent, sense of home and heaven within.

Pray for those who feel trapped by circumstances – illness, employment, family
May they each find freedom to reflect God right where they are.
Pray for those who feel alone and without help–
May they feel companioned by angels surrounding them with protective love.