God’s Real Estate

Some years ago I was working with a Christian Science Practitioner to know that the sale of my house was in God’s hands.  Yet, it was an older home, and so much about it seemed not to be what buyers were seeking.  Additionally, the housing market was in trouble nation wide.

Still, I knew if it was God’s plan that I sell this house, all the elements would come together in perfect harmony.

During the course of the spring that I had the house on the market, a wildfire broke out in our community.  Our family was directed to evacuate and we joined a long line of cars inching their way along one of the outgoing roads.

Hotels in the immediate area would be filled, so I traveled about an hour before pulling into a hotel parking lot so suddenly it was as if God had turned the steering wheel.  The establishment was clean and friendly.  The management spotted us as “fire refugees” and went out of their way to accommodate us.

When we returned to our home several days later, we were grateful to see our property had not been damaged.  However, there was the thought that such a negative event would impact an already challenging sale.  Nevertheless, we received a bid within a couple of weeks of this incident.  The price was right, the buyer was enthused, and then – we had another fire in the area.  Evacuation was mandatory once again.

This time, I did not have the “luxury” of leaving the community for several days.  We were in escrow and scheduled to move within three days.  The hotel right within our community was considered safe from the fire’s path, so safe in fact that the fire fighters were stationed there.  Surely there would be no “room at the inn” for us.  Yet, I felt directed to ask at the check in desk.  The attendant was gently informing me that, no, they had no vacancies, when an employee in the background said “Wait a moment!”  They’d just received a cancellation, and would we like a suite?  These accommodations had not been available 30 seconds earlier, and would not have lasted long under the present conditions.  God’s timing is truly awesome.

The fire became contained over the next two days and we were able to access our home long enough to load up the moving truck on the third day, exactly as planned.  (Did I forget to mention our mover was a retired fireman?  He easily parted the red tape, getting us back into our neighborhood was still under evacuation lock down long enough to load up the moving truck.)

As we loaded the final boxes into the truck, the new owner arrived.  I feared he would now regret his decision to move into such a disaster-prone area.  On the contrary, the next day, their move-in day, was his wife’s birthday.  He affixed a huge bow on the front door, making the house his gift to her.  We all applauded and wished each other well.

All elements in this story moved in the harmony of Science.  Events unfolded not as I could have imagined, but as Divine Mind conceived in a universe where all God’s children have safe haven and the comforts of home.


D. Scott
Fayetteville, AR