Most of the website links below are offered by The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and its publishing society located in Boston, Massachusetts.   This is the headquarters of all Christian Science churches and societies in the world.



The Mother Church and the Plaza pool


This is the primary site of The First Church of Christ, Scientist — our Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.  Learn about the basics of Christian Science and the people living it and proving it around the world.  Listen to on-line Wednesday Testimony Meetings and Sunday church services.  Find daily inspiration.  Watch videos of people whose lives have been blessed by applying Christian Science.  Messages and resources for church members are also available here on lecturers, Reading Room products, etc.  To apply for Mother Church membership click here.


JSH Online

The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald Online — The Christian Science religious magazines have never been more accessible to subscribers.  JSH-Online provides access to search, read, listen, study, and share over 275,000 articles and testimonies and 1,200 Sentinel Radio programs on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additional access to new Web content such as online articles, blogs, and podcasts is available 24/7.  Feel free to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as we share the good news in print, online,  and within the social networks of today.  Visit,  or,  or,   or

Teen ConnectWhere teens can share, grow and get answers to their questions.  Fresh, creative youthful thinkers are exploring spiritual approaches to issues at home and around the world.  Check it out on Twitter @JSHTeenConnect.

Free streaming audio available on the JSHOnlineAudio homepage.  Click here for features such as Sentinel Watch, The Daily Lift, and much more in the audio archives.


The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Learn more about Mary Baker Eddy, the woman who discovered Christian Science and wrote Science and Health. See museum exhibits and programs and archival collections. Submit queries to our research staff. Hours, directions and merchandise shop.

Maparium — A favorite of tourists from all over the world; a favorite field trip for thousands of school kids in the greater Boston area.  Walk across the glass bridge from ocean to ocean.  View countries on every continent from inside the globe.





TCSM samples

The Christian Science Monitor

Award-winning daily newspaper. USA and international news. Sign up for daily news briefings free for 30 days. The Christian Science Monitor is now available on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Sony Reader and Kobo.  Click here for a preview.  Enjoy Saturday-morning delivery of your digital weekly, free with your paid subscription.  Every day, get fresh content in The Daily Feed.  Find our app at the App Store for iPad, Google Play for Android devices.  Our basic browser edition can be found at

Passcode, a new section from The Christian Science Monitor, explores the toughest questions and most pressing issues around security and privacy in the digital age.  From our newsletter and events to our polls and podcast, everything we do is about helping readers better understand the complexities of the Web and our connected world.  To receive our coverage in your inbox — along with event invitations, analysis, and other great features — sign up for our e-mail newsletter at

EqualEd, another new section from The Christian Science Monitor, gathering from students, parents, teachers, and policymakers how they’re creating a pipeline to opportunity inside and outside school — through early learning, reinventing classrooms, and mentoring.  Sign up here to get our newsletter, latest videos, podcasts, and reporting.


daily-lift-logo-400Your Daily Lift

This free podcast series features inspiration by Christian Science lecturers and practitioners every weekday.   Listen online, subscribe to the daily email,  download the app, or call for an audio recording.    Call 1-617-450-3430.  Click here. 

Daily Lift on your phone or tablet —  Use our unique home screen icon for quick and easy mobile access to the Daily Lift. From the landing page, just tap your mobile browser’s share icon and select “Add to home screen.”




Study selected Bible verses from the King James Version with correlated excerpts from the Christian Science textbook as a companion research tool.   The Bible Lessons have been published by The First Church of Christ, Scientist, since 1890.  Study a new lesson each week here.






Enjoy healing music from our hymnal at by clicking here.





El Heraldo

Lee artículos y testimonios y tambien escuche la Lección Biblica semanal y otras programas.
Encuentre inspiración espiritual cada día.   haz clic aqui .







active kids


Campers swim, canoe, sail, ride horseback, hike, rappel, and more in the beautiful Ozark hills.  Visit Bible Lands Park.  Counselors guide campers to prove God’s laws in their fun-filled lives daily.

Click here.