Pilot protected in storm

Submitted by the pilot’s mom from Springdale, AR

A friend asked me to fly with him in his small airplane from Tulsa to Houston, so he wouldn’t have to fly alone.  We would take turns flying.

The weather was good in Tulsa, but the forecast along the way called for scattered thunderstorms. I had never flown near large storms before because they are so hazardous.  Before every flight I always pray while I inspect the aircraft. That day I felt a strong sense of security and guidance.

I was to fly the first leg of the trip, then we would stop to refuel and my friend would take over and fly on into Houston. About a third of the way, thunderstorms began to build all around us, but our course took us clear of the towering clouds. We talked about how lucky we were that our path was clear, then he commented that someone must be watching out for us. That made me more aware of God’s presence.

About half way there, the pathway through the clouds began to narrow.  As we approached a large lake, the sky became very dark and in front of us was a wall of rain that looked like a brown curtain. By that time, the curtain of rain was on three sides of us so we couldn’t fly around it.  I suddenly felt very alone, even though someone was sitting right next to me.  I had to make the final decision to continue on or turn around.  I began to pray, then immediately a strong sense of love and direction told me what to do.  I rolled the plane steeply to the left and turned around 180 degrees.  Just then the rain became very intense and I could see the water in a lake below us splashing and swelling from the strong winds and heavy rain.  Then I remembered a small airport on a peninsula that jutted out into the lake.  Because of the strong wind we had to approach over the water into a crosswind.  Feeling a strong sense of God’s love for me and my friend, I made a perfect crosswind landing on the narrow runway without a single bump!  When the sky cleared we refueled, and we continued on Houston without a hitch.  From then on I never felt alone again, especially in the cockpit.

By permission
B.B.  Cocoa Beach, Florida
and Hong Kong, China


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