God’s divine love is strong and enduring — it wipes out fear — it heals disease and pain.  Christian Science presents God’s healthcare plan for you and all His children — the same laws of love that Jesus taught.

If you would like to meet practicing Christian Scientists and talk face-to-face, you are invited to visit any walk-in Reading Room and any church service.  We would love to meet you.    Addresses, phone numbers, and service hours of the Reading Rooms and Christian Science churches in northwest Arkansas are given;  see the list to the left.    Talk with any Christian Science practitioner or church member.   They would be happy to answer your questions.

Or, some Christian Scientists in NW Arkansas are listed here with their phone number or e-mail address.  You may contact them to get answers to your questions or just to chat with a Christian Scientist.   They would love to hear from you.

Pat Babb                      pbabb227@aol.com
Radine Trees Nehring     radine@radinesbooks.com
Maureen O’Neal           

Click on the left for Christian Science Reading Rooms, churches, Practitioners and nursing care in Northwest Arkansas.

Other resources for learning more about Christian Science:

Churches and Societies (smaller groups) also hold free public talks where an experienced Christian Scientist discusses how prayer applies to a topic of current interest.   Often a question and answer period follows.    These are designed as good opportunites for anyone to learn more about Christian Science.   Public lectures given in NW Arkansas will be announced on our homepage.

Sunday services and Wednesday Testimony Meetings are also broadcast live on line from The Mother Church in Boston.   Sunday live at  9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Arkansas time.  Services include organ prelude and postlude, and hymns.

Wednesday Testimony Meetings are broadcast  live at 1:00 PM, Arkansas time.  Audio replays of Wednesday meetings are available by 3 PM Wednesday and ending at 2PM Thursday.   Testimonies of healing for these meetings are submitted from all over the world.

All Churches of Christ, Scientist, around the world are branches of The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.  To apply online for membership in The Mother Church, click here.



Located next to The Mother Church is the Mary Baker Eddy Library.  Here you can:



  • ask a researcher questions about Mrs. Eddy’s life and accomplishments
  •  buy educational and inspirational merchandise
  •  explore exhibits, upcoming events and programs
  •  plan a visit to the museum in Boston