God’s Protecting Care

It was a beautiful sunny day. Perfect little waves drew me to the beach. Many people were enjoying the warm sand; only a few were in the water. There was no lifeguard in this private area. I rushed in and enjoyed riding over the lovely waves for quite awhile. When I tried to stand up, I realized that I had gone out a long way and couldn’t touch the bottom. I took my strongest stroke back toward shore, but when I looked up, I was still a long way out and couldn’t touch the bottom. So I tried again a little longer — still no nearer the shore and no bottom beneath my feet. I realized I was in a rip tide. There were still many people on the shore but not one boat in sight–just blue seas to the horizon. I felt I should let people know I was out there, so I yelled my loudest, “help, help”. No one seemed to hear me, so I tried again elongating the L in help. Still no response. It was frightening. I was so alone, but instantly I thought “God is with me” and mentally I heard the words of a hymn “Gently o’er me are His wings of mercy spread.” then I heard other words of our hymn “everlasting arms of love are beneath around, above.” I was comforted and I remembered some ideas in a pamphlet “God’s law of adjustment” by Adam Dickey. It’s something like “If you were in the midst of the ocean with no apparent help at hand, there is a law of God which when properly appealed to could bring about a complete adjustment to the problem.”

I pondered just what is the law of God to meet this problem. I thought of what Mrs. Eddy said that Christian Science is the law of God. Well, I could use that law: Christian Science. The first prayer I learned began “Father Mother God loving me.” I repeated these five words several times and felt that God was loving me right there as I floated in the ocean. Then I felt I should consider the names for God and apply them to my situation. I was expressing Mind in intelligent correct actions always, every moment. I felt the senses of Soul — awareness of all good, beauty, comfort, security. I was wholly spiritual — no material space affected me — depth nor distance. I was standing on the rock, Principle, in God’s ordered universe where everything is just right I felt I was on a spiritual rock not floating in a material sea. I expressed Life always everywhere in every right way. Truth was right at hand for me to express — the Truth of my expression of life, pure, safe, and harmonious. The uplift of divine Love was all around me — everlasting arms of Love.

I was rejoicing in the nearness and greatness of God. Automatically I tried to stand up. There was only lots of water beneath me. I looked at the shore but not for help. People were still going about their business, quite unaware of me, but that didn’t matter. God was with me. So I lay back and floated, still thinking more about the names of God. I felt a great peacefulness.

The next time I reached down, my toes touched the ground briefly. It seemed so very natural and right. But I couldn’t yet stand. So again I floated and prayed. This time I could stand up between the waves. I took a huge step toward shore, then pushed forward into the little waves. Soon I was walking slowly toward shore.

I saw two young people rushing toward me carrying a huge life preserver. They took me by my arms and helped me. The young man said that his mother on her porch on the seventh floor of a nearby condominium had heard my cry for help. She called her son on his cell phone and also called the local fire station to send aid — Love expressing love. All the time that I had felt alone, tangible help was coming. We waved at the figure high on the porch above us. She waved back. I never had been alone out there in any sense. The young folks told me I had done just the right thing, floating parallel to the shore and out of the riptide. Mind had directed me all the way.

I sat in my beach chair for some time thanking my Father-Mother God for His protecting care, which I had felt even before it became tangible in a way I could see and experience. I returned home rejoicing all the way.


Fayetteville, AR

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