Ankle injury healed

One fall years ago, when I lived in Tennessee, I was in the front yard playing with my children. The grass was still green and covered a small hole in the ground. I stepped in this hole and turned my ankle. I heard a snapping sound and fell to the ground.

The pain was so intense that I felt I might lose consciousness. I did not want to do this and frighten my children. I thought, God is my Mind, and I was then able to get to my feet with the children’s help.

I limped into the house and called my mother in Tulsa to pray with me. The only thing I was able to do at that point was lie quietly on the sofa.

After a while, the account of the healing in the Bible of the beggar by the temple gate came to thought.  (Acts 3: 1-8)  The words in the Bible that state, “And immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength” caught my attention. The word IMMEDIATELY stood out. I felt that this meant that my ankle would soon show evidence of healing. This proved to be the case.

The healing was so quick and complete that my family and I went on a trip that had been planned to Washington, D.C. This was only 10 days later and I was able to walk and climb steps and enjoy all the monuments and tourist attractions with my family in complete comfort.  Wash Monument

I am grateful to my mother for her effective prayers and for God’s healing love for all.


Springdale, AR

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