Healing of adverse reaction to horses

This happened when my daughter was three.  We went to the state fair in Ohio.  Farm animals are part of any fair and this day’s events were centered around horses with lots of 4-H parents and children.  My daughter was very interested in the horses and had been told of a natural gift she had at this age.

At first I was hesitant to spend hours in this barnyard setting with the animals, hay and whatever.  In past years I would sneeze and get runny-eyed touching animals.  Sometimes huge welts would appear on my hands.  As we entered the barns I prayed to know that this was right.  My motive was to express love for the animals and to let my youngster do what came naturally to her.

I prayed that nothing would hinder our joy, our knowing God’s love on this day.  And that His love for me and for my daughter was stronger than my fears or the limits my human history tried to impose.  I was in fact free to forget myself in loving another.  After a couple hours of being in the barn, I realized none of the former symptoms had appeared.  Right away my daughter and I rejoiced in this perfect healing.  Recently I’ve been around horses, even went for a ride at a friend’s.  It only reminded me of this victory that I’m sharing with you now.

CG Springdale, AR

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