Lost purse found quickly — nothing missing

Lost Purse with wallet, keys, and game tickets found intact

In the fall of 2009, I was attending an Oklahoma State Univ. football game in Stillwater, OK.  My husband had to be there early to attend to his sideline duties, so I had lunch with my son, at a very popular restaurant close to campus and the football stadium.

Between lunch and shopping at a store next door to the restaurant, I suddenly noticed my purse was missing. In the purse were my ticket to the game and my husband’s wallet and car keys!

I went back into the restaurant but my son had already left with friends. I couldn’t think of what had happened to the purse.  Panic set in. I thought I had to call someone for help. I couldn’t reach my son on his cell phone or my sister. I thought I have to find my purse NOW! 

Suddenly I was in the middle of a big crowd.  Then I began to pray and the angel thoughts started to come.   I don’t need to call anyone, God is here NOW.  Divine Mind is here NOW expressing it’s self.  Mind is speaking to me NOW. I reflect God as Mind, NOW.

I went into the store again, remembering I had picked up an OSU seat back, looked at it and put it back on a display hook.  I found the hook, my purse was behind the seat back, untouched.

Thank you Father! 

The solutions are always right at hand, we just have to quiet fear and open thought. Let God’s will and wisdom be done. Lift thought up and out of the material realm and into the spiritual realm of the real.

So the day ended up a good day and with a football victory.   It is always a good day when “the angels of His presence” come.  And, “God’s chariots are angels, even thousands of angels.” They are with us 24/7.  “Angels:  God’s thoughts passing to man.”  (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page # 581)

Springdale, AR

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