No more migrane headaches

I was healed of migrane headaches.  I prayed for myself mainly, but sometimes my family helped me by praying.  This healing came gradually over a period of many years as I learned to let go of worry and stress and trust in God more.   Worry is just a mild form of fear, and fear is often the biggest factor in sickness. 

I had to trust that God is always in control of my life — every aspect of my life, every minute. God wants and provides the best for me, as He does for all of His children — so why worry?  By trusting in God’s plan, His method, and His timing, the worry and headaches became less frequent and less intense.   For several years I had only two or three migrane headaches each year.  Then they stoppped completely.  I haven’t had any since some time in 2002. 


Fayetteville, AR

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