Pinched finger — a practical healing

On top of our bedroom carpet we have an Oriental rug which wrinkles and makes walking hazardous. My husband said he would lift up the heavy furniture while I would smooth out the wrinkles underneath each piece. This strategy worked well on the bed and my chest. Then we moved over to his heavy, extremely large four-drawer chest, which he proceeded to lift and I proceeded to smooth. As I was smoothing out the largest wrinkle, I felt the chest come down on my left index finger.

I was dumb-founded, absolutely speechless!! Immediately, I knew that In God’s universe there is only perfection – no broken bones, no injury – only perfection. Finally, I managed to say, “Please lift this chest off of my finger,” at which point my husband was horrified at what he had done and what he felt he might well have done to my finger. I assured him that my finger was fine, that he had done nothing wrong, that I was not in any pain, and that everything about the whole situation was perfect. It never occurred to me that there would be anything other than perfection because I knew that I am a child of God, made in His perfect image, as the Bible tells us.

I have been studying Christian Science only a little over a year, and I reflected on how different the whole scenario would have been prior to my learning about Christian Science; i.e., I would have been furious at him, enraged at the rug, angry at the chest, upset in every direction. Instead, taking the Christian Science approach, I was totally calm in the absolute knowing that my finger was fine, that my husband was fine, and that every aspect of the whole situation was already handled.

My husband is not a student of Christian Science and at his suggestion, and to ease his mind, I went to the kitchen where I placed my finger in some crushed ice. The finger was not swollen. It was not discolored. It was not painful. The ice wasn’t needed except to please my husband. The whole incident lasted all of three minutes, at which time we left to go shopping. My husband looked over at me and lamented that he had ”broken” my finger, and once again I was able to reassure him that this left index finger has not been an issue nor has it been an issue even for one nanosecond. I am grateful to Christian Science for this healing.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

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