Prayer applied in many situations

Below, we find prayer applied to several situations:

old iron gateRecently I found myself trying to move an old gate. As I lifted it from one side, I thought, “this must be made of cast iron”. It was too big and heavy to lift so I thought I could stand it upright and kind of ‘walk’ one side at a time to a new position. However in a moment I could tell that the gate was falling and I needed to get out of the way so I wouldn’t be caught underneath it. I’m used to turning to God in any situation of duress so I quickly prayed for the strength and presence of mind to keep safe as I was solo, giving care to two individuals. I reached out to God in my thought feeling Her calm wisdom and direction. I fell down out from that gate, slightly shaken with only a bruise on one shin. Relieved to be free, after brushing some dirt and weed seeds off my clothing I was able to tip the gate up and lean it against our barn so that it wouldn’t be in anyone’s way. I’m very grateful for safety in this gate escape!

A small bump on my neck had no purpose. It only drew my attention from time to time. Then, I was serving my church in a substitute capacity for a few summer weeks. I was spending lots of time reading the Bible and studying Science and Health with key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. While I was reading one day, this bump opened and drained. I applied the truth that ‘a spiritual idea has not a single element of error,..’ page 463. I also applied a small bandage after washing the area. The following verse from Psalms reinforced a feeling of being spiritually cleansed. “Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” I kept these passages in mind and after a few days it was as if the bump had never been. I’m grateful for Christ Jesus’ example of turning to God, for everything.

weeking tomatoes 3One day I was freeing our tomato plants from weeds growing around them. This took longer than I expected and before finishing I noticed one place at the side of one finger that was becoming raw from my activity. Trusting it would heal up I finished the job and removed my gloves. Over the next several days this raw place became dry, cracked and more sore, refusing to heal. So I examined my thinking and found myself dissatisfied with a close relationship. Knowing that I needed to reaffirm my right relationship to my heavenly Father-Mother, Love and that this would solve the problem at hand, I opened Science and Health to the glossary and felt those dividing forces dissolve as I read the definition of “I, or EGO”.

The author of this book, Mrs. Eddy, calls Love ‘the universal solvent’ on page 242. It has proved true in my experience over and over, especially effective in dissolving walls of misunderstanding. I’m forever grateful for the Science of Christianity and I’ll try to keep practicing it.

Fayetteville, AR

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