Teen protected while driving

On Memorial Day weekend of last year, I was driving home from a friend’s house at night.  I was at an intersection at the top of a hill waiting to turn left.  My light turned green and I began to turn left.  I noticed that there was an SUV traveling fast towards my driver-side door when he should he should have been coming to a stop.  The moment I realized he was not going to stop I immediately jerked my car to the right.  The SUV then hit the front left corner of my car and zoomed right on past, clearly having no intention of stopping.  I pulled into a parking lot and while I was waiting for the police and my family to get there, I reflected on the miracle that had just taken place. 

If I had continued to turn left, the SUV would have directly hit my door, causing much more damage to me and my car.  I knew that God had been there with me that whole time, guiding and protecting me from any possible harm.  One hymn that I had learned in Sunday School repeats a concept from the 91st Psalm.  ” His tender love and watchful care shall free thee from the fowler’s snare, from every harm an pestilence.”  I thought, surely if He could save me from what would have been a serious car wreck, He could easily help me overcome any issue, no matter how big or small, that I encounter.  I am constantly overwhelmed with the power of His love. 

Fayetteville, AR

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