Unharmed by Scorpion sting

One morning at work, a colleague handed me a pile of incoming mail.  A scorpion was hiding in the pile and it stung me. I cried out in pain and surprise and dropped the mail and the scorpion.

My usual response to any such event is to pray.  I silently and briefly gave myself a Christian Science treatment on the spot, affirming Biblical truths.  As a result, the pain subsided immediately.

I continued my usual routine at work which meant driving to another office, and I continued to pray as I drove.  I knew that nothing had occurred that could harm my true spiritual nature as a child of God.  Paul tells us (Acts 17:28) that “in Him we live, and move, and have our being.” To me this means that I live in God’s infinite presence where His law of strong, constant love rules supreme and where I am always completely safe, unharmed.  The Bible also tells us that God gave us dominion “over every creeping thing.” (Gen 1:26) So creeping things like scorpions don’t determine my health and well being.

The colleague who witnessed this incident was concerned about me and called the company owner later that day to convey what had happened and to find out how I was doing.  The owner was also concerned about me and offered to have the company pay for either Christian Science treatment or for medical treatment.  I assured her that spiritual treatment had already been given and no more treatment of either kind was needed because I was completely healed.  I felt no after effects.  Neither was there evidence of any sting.

I’m grateful for the immediate availability of God’s care.  I’m also grateful that my employer recognizes and values the effectiveness of spiritual health care and offers it as an option to employees.


Fayetteville, AR

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