Christian Science Nursing Care

Q. What is a Christian Science Nurse?
A. A Christian Science nurse provides nursing care — non-medical bedside care of a sick or injured individual who is relying on prayer for healing. Christian Science nurses can assist with dressing, personal care, nourishment, mobility, and more as needed. They can also properly cleanse and bandage a wound.   For more, click here.

Q. What is the difference between a Nurse and a Practitioner?

A. The Christian Science nurse provides care of an individual that is unable to care for himself or herself. The Christian Science practitioner treats the case through prayer at the patient’s request. The nurse’s spiritually uplifted thought and tender, loving care of the patient support the prayers of the practitioner in bringing about healing.

Q. Where can I find a Christian Science Nurse?

A.  There is a directory of nurses in The Christian Science Journal. (On-line directory) You may engage an available nurse directly to provide private in-home care.

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