Christian Science Practitioners

Q. What is a Christian Science practitioner?
A.  A Christian Science practitioner is an experienced student of Christian Science who maintains a full-time professional practice helping others through prayer.   Every issue of The Christian Science Journal (monthly magazine which is available at any Christian Science Reading Room) includes a directory of practitioners located around the world.   Or see the on-line directory.

Q. With what kinds of problems can a practitioner help?
A. In short, anything!   No matter whether it is an injury or physical ailment, a mental disturbance, a financial crisis, a lack of right employment, or a relationship problem–all of these can be solved through prayer, and the practitioner is ready to help.   The practitioner is also available if you like would someone to talk with about your own spiritual growth or learn more about Christian Science.

Q. How do I locate a Christian Science practitioner?
A. Visit, call, or e-mail any Christian Science Reading Room.   The staff there will be able to give you names of practitioners in your area, or you may look in The Christian Science Journal for a complete listing.  Some practitioners also advertise in their local telephone directory under “Christian Science”.   See the on-line directory.

Q. Do practitioners charge for their services? How much?
A. Yes. Practitioners who are listed in the Christian Science Journal devote their full professional time (i.e. they do not have other jobs) to helping others through prayer, so it is appropriate that they are paid for the work they do.   Each practitioner is self-employed and sets his or her own rates.   Feel free to ask practitioners how much they charge before engaging their services.    Usually you’ll find that rates are very reasonable compared to other professionals in the health care industry.

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