More About Christian Science

Like any science — math, physics, etc. — Christian Science is a set of provable principles which when applied yield reliable results. The science of the Christ is the set of principles that Jesus applied during his three-year ministry on earth. His primary principle, which he taught and proved again and again, was love — love expressed in tender caring, in compassion, in forgiveness.

We can see examples of the deep love for mankind that he taught in the tenderness of the Good Samaritan in his famous parable (Luke 10:25-35), in his compassion toward the two blind men (Matt 20:34), toward the epileptic boy (Mark 9: 17-27), and in his prayer of forgiveness toward the Roman soldiers who nailed his hands to the cross (Luke 23:34).

The scientific proof is in the healing. Jesus proved his love by healing. His disciples (the 12 apostles and 70 more) also proved the practical healing application of this divine principle of love throughout the villages of Galilee (Luke 10:1 and 17). Healing was a normal part of the early Christian church for about 300 years. Christian Science is the divine laws of God that are supreme over material laws, which anyone can learn and prove and practice today. Mary Baker Eddy discovered these healing laws in 1866 and named her discovery Christian Science.   How does it work?  Read more.

Science and Health with Key to Scriptures is our textbook and is the complete statement of  Christian Science.  It’s all in there… there are no mystical secrets–God’s laws are available to everyone to put into practice in their lives!    Check it out.

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